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Romantic Meaningful Gifts

Finding romantic, meaningful gifts that the love of your life will always remember is no easy task. It's hard to find the perfect gift that can express exactly how you feel about the person you love. Don't worry! The romantic and meaningful gift ideas that you will find here will passionately convey your love and delight your soul mate.

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Top 8 Romantic Meaningful Gifts

These gifts made it to the top of our list due to their uniqueness, elegance, luxuriance, and above all, their romance. They will surely create memories that will last a lifetime.

24K Real Rose in Engraved Vase

Romantic Meaningful Gifts for Women - 24k Gold Rose

24K Forever Rose and Engraved Vase

Give your loved one the passion and beauty of a rose that will last for eternity. A real, live rose is delicately electroplated with 24K gold from its petals down to its stem. The result is an elegant, and stunningly beautiful piece of art that will surely delight that special person in your life. The passionate color of red combined with the luxuriousness of gold creates a rose of amazing beauty and everlasting romance.

This stunning piece is complimented by an elegant, hand-crafted, glass vase which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of this gift.

Romantic Meaningful Gifts for Women - 24k Gold Rose and Vase

24K Forever Rose and Engraved Vase


Romantic Love Stones

Romantic Gifts - I Love You Stones

Reasons I Love You Stones

These unique and elegant love stones make a great gift in itself or they can be used to spice up another gift. Etched into each stone is a reason why you love your partner so much.

You could build up the anticipation by leaving a trail of these love stones in places you know your partner will look throughout the day. Maybe you could slip a love stone into their pocket before they go to work, leave one of the dashboard of their car, one in their desk, and then another by the front door so it's the first they discover when they come home. You could even use these stones to make a romantic garden for your loved one. The possibilities are endless!

What's Great About This Gift

It's hard to find a truly original and unique romantic gift for your loved one nowadays. These romantic love stones are a great answer to that problem. There are a countless number of ways to use these stones to make your partner feel special. Their elegance and uniqueness makes them a bargain at $24,95.


Message in a Bottle - A Memory that will Last Forever

Heart of Roses - Message in a Bottle

Heart of Roses

What a unique and romantic way to tell someone how much you care about them! The recipient of this gift will feel as if they are in a storybook romance that has come true. Your personalized message is elegantly held in a beautiful and classy bottle of the highest quality. You also have the option to present your bottle in an elegant branded birch crate.

What's Great About This Gift:

Not only is this gift romantic and unique, but it also makes your partner feel loved and appreciated. Writing a heartfelt message to that special person in your life and presenting it in these elegant bottles is something that they will never forget.

Key to my Heart - Message in a BottleRomantic Memorable Gifts - Message in a Bottle

Key To My Heart Donosa

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A New and Amazing Gift Idea That They Will Love

Romantic Meaningful Gifts - Gourmet Smartbox

Gourmet Retreats Romantic Meaningful Gifts

Romantic Meaningful Gifts - Smartbox Getaways

Romantic and Relaxing GetawaysRomantic Meaningful Gifts

Romantic Meaningful Gifts - Smartbox Massage

Spa and Massage Romantic Meaningful Gifts

Here is an idea for a gift that is absolutely amazing. SmartboxRomantic Meaningful Gifts makes giving your partner an unforgettable experience convenient and easy. They do this by selling "smartboxes" which are guidebooks that contain many different activities that you and your partner can do. The guidebooks are categorized by theme, so it's easy to find they type of experience you want.

For example, if you pick a smartbox with a "getaway" theme, you'll receive a guidebook filled with activities such as spending the night at a luxurious bed and breakfast, relaxing at beautiful lodges, or even taking in nature at rustic and charming ranches. You and your partner can browse through these guidebooks and choose an activity you that the both of you would like to do. There are so many activities that you can choose from such as spa getaways, massages, gourmet retreats, hang gliding, dancing, sailing, and much, much more!

The experiences that Smartbox offers are an extremely good value that will definitely exceed the expectations of you and your partner.

What's Great About This gift:

Treating the love of your life to a new or romantic experience is probably the best type of gift that you can give. With so many wonderful activities to choose from and it's amazing value, this gift has our highest recommendation.

Romantic Meaningful Gifts - Smartbox

**There are so many activities to choose from that you could be on this web site for hours and not see them all. However, there is no search function on this web site, which makes it hard to find exactly what you want. If you have a specific activity in mind, you could do a search in Google. Type in "smartbox usa ____." and insert the activity you want to do in place of the " ____." For example, if you want to search for hot air balloon rides, you could type in "smartbox usa ballooning" and Google will take you to the appropriate page.


A Personalized Romance Novel that Stars the Both of You

Personalized Romance Novels

You can give your loved one the gift of a fantasy romance that the both of you will enjoy. Just provide some information (name, eye color, etc.) and you can have a romance novel personalized just for the both of you. You can even choose between a "mild" version or a "wild" version for your novel. This is a unique and romantic gift that will surely surprise your loved one.

What's Great About This Gift:

We like this gift because of its uniqueness and how novel it is. This is a gift that few people know about, so it will definitely be a pleasant surprise for anyone that receives it. Reading your personalized novel together is not only romantic, but exciting as well.


World Class Luxury at Exclusive Prices

Save up to 50% on Luxury Travel

Taking a romantic getaway and staying at the world's most luxurious hotels or going to special events fit for celebrities doesn't mean that you have to spend an arm and a leg. Luxury Link offers the absolute best that the world has to offer, with prices that will amaze and delight you. Luxury Link is a little known secret that savvy travelers use to find the best deals on the most amazing romantic getaways.

Luxury Link also offers the best in cruises, fine dining experiences, and backstage access at special events. If you want to have a romantic getaway of a lifetime, the experiences offered at Luxury Link will surely make your dreams come true.

What's Great About This Gift:

When we give a gift to that special someone in our lives, we want to fill them with romance, excitement, and joy. Taking them on a romantic getaway will definitely fill them with all of these emotions. The memories that you will make by taking a romantic vacation together will be something that the both of you will treasure forever.

Save up to 50% at Luxury Link!


Hand-Printed Personalized Candle Set

Personalized Candle Set

Personalized Premier Unity Candle Set

These hand-printed and hand-polished candles are elegant and beautiful. The candles come in four colors and can be personalized in several different ways. The deluxe version shown below comes with more candles and is available with a silver, heart-shaped stand.

Deluxe personalized candle set

Personalized Deluxe Unity Candle Set with Silver Heart Stand


Personalized Photo Charm Bracelet

Personalized charm bracelet

Personalized Precious Photos Charm Bracelet

This solid sterling silver charm bracelet makes a perfect gift for when you want to capture your favorite memories together in eternity. The three small photo frames that comes with the bracelet will hold 1/4" pictures of your choosing.